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Weather vane detail 2016. Credit: Frank Ernens

Tower 2009. Credit: Charmion Phillips

Former Premier Ted Baillieu, Patron, and John Herniman, President, unveil the Panorama, 13 Nov 2017. Credit: Mark Hassed

Participants after the 4th Light Horse commemorative service at Auburn Uniting Church, 1 October 2017. Credit: John Suriano

(L-R) Treasurer Jane Tisdall, Secretary Alan Chuck, Committee Member Sheila Curtis. Credit: Mark Hassed

Patron Ted Baillieu unveils the West panel of the tower panorama

Tower detail 2016. Credit: Frank Ernens

4th Light Horse "Trooper" Michael Whitehead with "Nurse" Lisa after the service. Credit: John Suriano

Panographer Barney Meyer explains the hotspots

Alfred Dunn's prize winning rendering of the complex 1888

Observation level decking under construction

Current Hawthorn MP John Pesutto and Friends at the panorama launch