Tower Open Day

The next Tower Open event will be held in autumn 2023, especially for members of local historical societies. Watch here for date and booking details. 


Guest Speaker Presentation

Following the Friends AGM on Wednesday 26 October 2022, Linton Lethlean OAM gave an illustrated talk entitled 'Melbourne and Paris - what do they have in common?'. This drew on his experience as Chairman and later Director of the Exhibition Trustees during the renovation of Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building and its accession to the World Heritage List.


Mr Lethlean joins a distinguished list of annual speakers to have addressed the Friends since its formation.





Other Events

From time to time we'll list other events which might be of interest to the Friends and their friends.






Create Your Own Event at Auburn

The auditorium at Auburn Uniting Church is available for recitals, concerts, lectures and presentations. Full details are on the Congregation's website. The auditorium, seating 400, is in the amphitheatre style, with a sloping floor and excellent acoustics and sightlines. The choir and dais accommodate a choir of up to 60, and a small orchestra. Keyboard instruments provided are the original Fincham organ, of three manuals and pedals, and a Kawai KG-1 grand piano. Both are regularly maintained and tuned to concert pitch (A = 440). Another piano, a Rönisch upright grand, is located in the rehearsal/warmup room. Enquiries to .


Preview: see an Australian Boys Choir Concert in just 2 minutes.